Restoration Behavioral Health Systems
Case Management

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All participants in any of RBHS programs are eligible for case management services. Case management services are designed to address a variety of challenges any program participant may have. Our goal is to provide ancillary support to program participants that encourage their successful participation in their respective program while encouraging sobriety and community independence. Case management services are ongoing throughout the individual’s enrollment in our programs and in many cases beyond.

These services include:

  • Assistance with indentifying stable and/or suitable housing
  • Assistance with physical health care management
  • Exploring eligibility for entitlement benefits to include:
    • Food stamps,
    • Comprehensive health insurance,
    • Social Security income and disability benefits
  • Assistance with identifying gainful employment and applying for job opportunities
  • Assistance with managing daily life tasks to include:
    • Appointment setting
    • Personal grooming
    • Time management
    • Personal budgeting and finance
    • Legal support and advocacy