Primary Services

Restoration Behavioral Health Services will partner with you to select the right program for your needs. We support you every step of the way.

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DUI Education Classes

This 12-hour education program is suitable for DUI/DWI offenders with court-ordered Alcohol and Drug Education classes. Our program provides DUI education for two hours per week, for a six-week duration.
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Substance Use Disorder Program

This program provides phsyco-education and therapy, centered on addiction

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program - Adults

The program provides services to manage the symptoms of mental illness and the challenges of independent living

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program - Minors

This program provides youth and their families with structured sessions designed to manage challenging behaviors.

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Case Management

RBHS case management services are designed to address a variety of challenges any program participant may have.

Referral Services

Every RBHS client is different, and personalized solutions are available. Please contact us for a confidential consultation.